Table Tennis Technique

Table Tennis Technique is a wear app, available in the Google Play Store for smartwatches supporting Wear OS. It leverages sensor data in real-time within smartwatches (powered by Wear OS) to track and display metrics such as: average peak acceleration, stroke counts etc., for Table Tennis players, during practice sessions.

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My Workout Logs

My Workout Logs Android application enables you to manage your daily workout logs, exercise data, along with your daily weight and fitness notes.

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Podcast Manager

Your very own Podcast web app built with Laravel 5. This web app enables you to manage RSS feeds for your favorite podcasts and listen to the episodes in a seamless UI.

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Scrum Board

Your very own Scrum/Agile web app built with Laravel 5.

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Modern resume

This is a responsive template which looks beautiful at any size, be it a laptop screen, tablet or a mobile browser.
modern resume template
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