SEO mind map for process and strategy

July 20, 2011


Laying out an effective process for optimizing a site can be a tough challenge. Here is a mind map to simplify the same; it’s basically split into two parts on-site (on-page) and off-page SEO. And, numbers indicate the order of precedence for each component in the SEO process. … read more

building findable websites - book cover

Book Review: Building Findable Websites

July 15, 2011

With regard to SEO, I am bent towards optimizing a website’s architecture for better visibility in search engines rather than using shady techniques for link building or using viral promotion strategies just for the sake of obtaining links (like infographics).

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CSS lessons learnt the hard way

June 26, 2011

The power of CSS is overlooked at times. Having worked on a variety of websites, in this article I wanted to share some of the valuable lessons I learnt about CSS – the hard way.

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