Table Tennis Technique is a wear app, available in the Google Play Store for smartwatches supporting Wear OS. It leverages sensor data in real-time within smartwatches (powered by Wear OS) to track and display metrics such as: average peak acceleration, stroke counts etc., for Table Tennis players, during practice sessions.

This app has been built with Table Tennis athletes in mind to easily allow tracking of counts for strokes such as: backhand drive, forehand drive etc., during training or practice sessions.Table Tennis Technique: Wear OS app

  • Tracks stroke counts for loop versus drive in real-time
  • Provides options to pause, resume ongoing practice sessions
  • Summary displayed includes average peak acceleration, active time and stroke counts
  • Phone companion app displays most recent practice session summary along with an option to install the wear app, if it’s missing in the paired smartwatch(s).

Metrics provided in the summary not only serve as visual feedback in real-time but also, help athletes track their stroke consistency and accuracy.