Yesterday, I took the Magento Front End Developer Certification exam and passed with a decent score. Like, other developers, I wanted to share some resources that helped me prepare for the exam.

Study Guide

I used the study guide as a boilerplate for my preparation. Particularly, checking whether or not I know the answers to the questions listed in each section from time to time.

The study guide mentions some specific topics like translation, form validation, the Prototype JS library etc., By reading up on these topics, I was able to better my understanding.
Here is a list of blogs and websites, you may want to skim through.

No Frills Layout book

Alan Storm’s No Frills Layout was helpful in getting a better understanding of how to work with layouts and templates. I highly recommend this book, if you haven’t checked it out already.

It’s the only Magento book out there that covers, in full, the enigmatic XML Layout system.

Magento Design Guide

Although, technical topics aren’t covered in this guide, it will walk you through various configuration options in Magento Admin, the fallback system, various scopes in Magento etc.,

Download Magento Design Guide

Magento Knowledge Base

I went through articles and tutorials on Magento Knowledge Base pertaining to front-end development.

While the above listed resources were of great help, I am sure any Magento developer would agree that nothing beats real-world experience working on Magento based websites.